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The iPhone could be a genius device. The options that square measure enclosed thereon create it really incredible; it’s like many totally different machines in one. however whereas the native package, just like the GPS and camera, is good, the iPhone extremely shines once it involves third-party applications.

Let’s scrutinize 5 things your iPhone will do.

The back light-weight of the iPhone screen is robust enough to use as a electric lamp. this can be particularly helpful if you drop one thing on the bottom within the dark and do not have access to a a lot of typical supply of sunshine.

Dropped your keys? turn on your iPhone! Shine it on the bottom and notice those keys.

Another fascinating very little feature of the iPhone is geo-tagging. this can be once you take an image so attack it with the placement wherever it had been taken. It are often reasonably fun and websites like Flickr will use it to plot your photos on a map.

Google Street read, another iPhone app, will offer you a virtual tour of the many places within the continental us. All from your phone.

The iPhone screen is solely beautiful. you’ll be able to use it to show your photos in an exceedingly slideshow and show your fantastic images to all or any your friends.

You can do that by progressing to Settings, General, then dynamical from auto-lock to ne’er. this may begin a slideshow on your phone. however be careful! this could seriously tax your battery.

Google has been at the iPhone that permits you to speak, rather than sort, your search terms into the web site. it’s a trifle bit like Windows speech to text; simply speak and your words can seem on the screen. this could prevent from disbursement a bunch of your time typewriting on the bit screen.


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