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George Wilson

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I still consider myself to be young; however, my skin doesn’t seem to agree with me too much.Prometheus Project discount¬†Aging is a process that is pretty much unavoidable. We may not want to age, nor do we feel as if we are aging. But it happens, and it happens pretty much overnight. First, you start seeing the wrinkles and fine lines. Next, the age spots pop up. Aches and pains begin.

Before you know it, you’re no longer the same beauty you were in your 20s. Reality hurts. We try every product on the market to try and stop the process; or at least, slow it down some. I have spent more money on anti-aging products that I care to admit. Many of my paychecks have been on expensive products or beauty salon treatments. What are the end results? Absolutely no change. Maybe a slight change, but nothing significant.
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